Friday, February 10, 2012

Adele Bee Ann Surrenders To Breaded Cat Meme

What in the world is going on?! sandwiches? Gross! Why would anyone want to eat that? Think of the fur-ball you'd choke up. Breaded cats? Do you fry them too? Dip them in catsup?

I first discovered a breaded cat on Pinterest (my new favorite website). As I was scanning the pics of all the luscious things to be found, there it was...a cat with a bread hat. Imagine how excited I was to find two of my favorite things wrapped up in one cute little package...cats, bread...purrfect. I said to myself, 'must find cat...must get bread...must bread cat.' So I did. The result...the cutest picture of an 'in-bread' cat ever! I had to share, I had to get my little breaded kitty, Perci, on Pinterest. 

Never could I have predicted what would come of it. Overnight my beloved Perci became an internet sensation. Perci's picture is all over the net: The Herald Sun, Fox4KC, Catsparella,, BuzzFeed, Helablog and even Jimmy Kimmel Live on TV! I crumble with laughter every time she shows up somewhere new. Just when I think the breaded cat craze is toast, up pops Perci on some other blog or post about in-bread cats. Crazy!
Perci has been loafing around my home for the past 19 years! She shows no sign of slowing down, she loves the overnight rise to stardom! Perci is the Betty White of the In-bread cat craze. Although she doesn't make personal appearances Perci does like to connect with her fans. Fan mail and requests for autographed photos of Perci can be sent to: Perci, 92 Broadway West Milford NJ 07480  

Love to all! Signed Perci the In-bread cat super star 

Perci's professional body guard...Monkey the Dapper Breaded Cat



  2. INBREADABLE!!! oops..sorry..I mean INCREDIBLE!!

  3. I want an autographed photo of Perci! Just love her...she's a breaded superstar!

  4. Hey Adele,

    My girlfriend recently admitted that she was trying to bread the cats. She wasn't able to get them to sit still long enough. So I ended up creating an app that let's her virtually bread them. It is now available on the App Store:

    Here is a promo code for a free copy: RKHM4XY7WTAE

    I hope you get a laugh out of it.

    1. That's fantastic, thanks for letting me know! I'll share :)